This Henri Bendel Handbag Collection Screams, "Get To The Beach!"

Gone are the days of the saggy, morphing, shapeless bag. Today's best handbags all employ clean lines — and thank goodness, because something needs to balance out all the chaos we create inside of them. In the past, Bendel has impressed us with a (not-so-easy-to-master, mind you) classic-yet-cool vibe for its handbags, and its new lookbook for summer '13 definitely does the brand justice.
The carryalls are all in the same cool/classic vein, but with a summery twist, which seriously makes us want to build a time machine, so we can proudly parade around, bag on shoulder, sooner rather than later.
Click through the photos of the new collection to see tropical prints, beaming colors, and materials that scream "get to the beach!"
Photo: Courtesy of Henri Bendel

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