14 Amazing Forever 21 Buys — That Are Totally Not For Tweens, We Promise!

Going to Forever 21 makes us feel older than getting our high-school-reunion invites in the mail...but we're totally fine with that. Along with our suitemate's closet and that Goodwill just off campus, Forever 21 was our college style staple — and we're sort of amazed to see that it's still going strong.
Sure, F21 serves up some fashion no-nos (we'll pass on that muscle tank with skull cutout, thanks). But beyond the bandage dresses and sub-Nasty Gal wear, there's so much stuff we want. Like those Perspex-heel pumps to dress up our go-to jeans and tee. Or those cobalt shorts — because every girl needs a pair of scarf-print hot pants, right? Maybe not, but whatever: They're $12, and we're getting them.
Click through for 14 amazing finds: all perfectly on-trend, and shoppable online — just in case you don't have the energy to shop 'til you drop with the youths today.

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