These 12 Denim Jackets Are A Huge Upgrade From Your Middle School Fave

We know fashion is cyclic and all, but while some trends need a decade-long hiatus to be appreciated again (see: overalls), others are so timeless that they never truly fade away. Case in point: the jean jacket.
Unlike a blazer, a denim topper brings a level of carefree insouciance that even a downtown moto jacket can’t deliver. But, just because it’s still winter-coat weather here on the East Coast, that doesn’t mean we have to keep the classic spring staple at the back of the closet 'til April.
Instead, we’ve taken to layering them under anoraks, with our fave brocade trousers, or even — wait for it — with jeans. To avoid complete Canadian Tuxedo territory, try pairing a light-wash jacket with dark-wash bottoms and a T-shirt for an instant outfit.
If you’re still not sure how to take your denim layers out of the '90s, not to worry: From a so-fresh floral iteration to a leather-inspired citron pick, we rounded up 12 modern jean jackets that’ll give your spring parka a run for its money. Getting dressed in the morning just got a whole lot easier.

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