Grown-Up Grilled Cheese, Camo Pants, & More We're Buzzing About This Week

The awards show to end all award shows is finally upon us tomorrow, so there's no excuse not to celebrate in style. Keep up with all the best picture noms at these so-chic bashes, which are the perfect alternative to watching the ceremonies in a dark, smelly bar. (Racked)
So, maybe you don't have a Spring break trip on the horizon (ah, the good ol' days!), but warmer weather is in our future, and that means it's time to kick our fitness routines into high gear. It's not easy going it alone, so rely on these helpful tips to get you ready to rock your bikini bod. (Cheeky Chicago)
Calling all burger lovers! You've probably already got your fave Chi-Town locales bookmarked, but we're getting a new competitor in the mix. Smashburger will be setting up shop this spring, so get your taste buds ready. (Eater)
It's official, dear reader: We've got a brand-new trend crush. We didn't think we could be so enamored with camo pants, but these printed jeans are the perfect antidote to the winter blahs. (Sequins & Stripes)
It's no secret that we're totally addicted to comfort food, especially the perfectly simple grilled cheese. But, the delectable dish doesn't have to be juvenile — we're craving this totally grown-up version. (See Jane)
Photos: Via Sequins & Stripes, See Jane

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