Prada Does Sexy In A Way That Only Prada Can

It's hard to equate Prada with sexiness, at least in the conventional, look-at-these-tatas way — and we love Miuccia for it. According to Prada, the sexiest thing about a woman is not only that she is comfortable in her clothes, but also comfortable in her own skin.
So, when we saw those telltale signs of "sexy fashion" come down the runway at Prada — the blood-red lips, the still-damp hair, the necklines pulled outward into a forced off-the-shoulder expose — it gave us pause at first. But leave it to Miuccia to show that there's a lot to be explored in this overlap between eroticism and intellectualism, which, to our pleasure, is aesthetically stunning and commercially winning. Seriously: Cue women everywhere wearing scoop-necked thermals underneath unbuttoned dresses.
In a clothing sense, it wasn't a deviation from Prada's typical fare — knee lengths, coordinating separates, somber cuts, and fat lapels don't scream sex appeal, but it was that styling that really delivered the message. From the way waists and décolletages were highlighted to the just-woke-up beauty looks to the way the collection was comprised entirely of skirts and all felt, at once, raw and mature. Frauline-gets-freaky, if you would.
Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

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