We Hope It's True: Warby Parker To Reinvent Google's Tech-Savvy Glasses

Once we take a minute to get over the coolness factor of Google’s latest product, the Google Glass, a.k.a. all of our futuristic daydreams streamlined into a pair of specs, we then come face to face with these not-so-sleek eyewear fixtures. We mean, if we wanted to walk around looking like cyborgs in some kind of The Matrix Revisited reality, then yeah, the current model of Google Glass would be great. Comprised of a mini computer processor, battery, and screen, these glasses, albeit capable of some pretty unbelievable things — like accessing Google Maps or recording video right in front of your eyes — are in need of some serious schooling in the fashion department.
While not officially confirmed, rumor has it that Google will enlist the sartorial aid of cult eyewear brand Warby Parker, giving us major hope that these glasses will soon evolve from their current '80s-space-station aesthetic into something very wearable. Of course, this isn't the first attempt to merge Google Glass with fashion. You might recall models on Diane von Furstenberg’s runway last fall donning colored versions of the glasses and DVF herself made a behind-the-scenes video wearing the wonders. And while von Furstenberg has managed to make these funny frames look semi-cute, we’re more than excited to see what the folks at Warby Parker might have in store for the new design.
If you fancy yourself bold enough, and can’t wait to see the emailing, picture-taking, and video-chatting features that these prototypes have to offer, you can apply here to be one of the first people to shell out a cool $1,500 to test them out. Just bear in mind you may find yourself the butt of Futurama jokes. (NY Times)
Photo: Via Google Glass/Facebook

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