Crimp-tastic: Check Out This High-Style Take On Mermaid Waves

From baby crimps to mermaid swirls, kinked-out hair is having a major moment, both on and off the runways. Of course, the '80s connotations are inevitable, bringing to mind crunchy, sky-high hair (with cheerleader bangs, naturally). The line between haute hair and beauty victim is thin when it comes to crimping irons, but between the wave-filled runways and this amazing cover shot of Kate Moss, we're becoming more and more convinced that the crimping trend is officially here to stay.
To get Kate's nymph-chic hair right, we sought out hair and makeup artist Bethany Brill, who showed us how to use an oversize three-barrel iron that creates a rippling wave, rather than a Saved By The Bell-style kink. We may not have turned out looking like Ms. Moss (who could, really?), but we certainly got over our fear of this unconventional texture — check out our vid to learn how to DIY!


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