Dive Into Style With Plus-Size Swimwear

It might be 16 degrees outside and gray, but you know sunny days are right around the corner...whether that means a flight to a tropical destination this weekend or waiting a few more months for spring to arrive. Though your warm-weather destination may still be a mystery — maybe Rio, or Australia, or even just atop a towel in your backyard — what you do know is you are over winter. So, to prep for spring, we're bringing you the best and the beautiful of plus-size swimsuits.
While plus-size swimwear options have been disappointing, some designers are finally realizing that full-figured females want to look stylish and not like they’re swimming in a hibiscus-print trash bag. From retro-inspired one-pieces to graphic bikinis, you'll want to hop in the nearest pool (or hot tub) once you get your hands on one of the bathing beauties.

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