This Video Is The Best 1-Minute Vacation We've Ever Had

Spiked cider. Ski trips. Holiday soirées. We know, at some point, winter was probably fun. But right now, all we want is to walk out the door without getting a cold slap of sleet, snow, rain, or wind in the face...are you with us?
If you just found yourself involuntarily yelling, "Hell, yes!" then we've got the perfect Tuesday break for you. In addition to supplying us with an exclusive boutique of rad, vacation-worthy, vintage duds, Brooklyn-based Nifty Thrifty also made us this behind-the-scenes video of its Malibu Babe photo shoot with photographer Paul Longo and model CiCi (she's pretty much straight sunshine).
This video is so fun and carefree and filled with bright, beachy clothes (that you can shop!) that we had to it's cheaper than a vacation. Paradise awaits.

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