Anya Hindmarch Plays (Awesome) Games With Us, We Crush Hard

When it comes to fashion, we are deadly serious. But we appreciate a little light relief too. And thanks to Anya Hindmarch, we get the best of both worlds; a serious fashion fix and a whole heap of fun — in the form of her latest autumn/winter presentation, "Cascade." Taking inspiration from the graphic motifs of board game designs, she created a collection as streamlined and sleek as any backgammon board.
How to show off this new collection? No, it wasn’t tiddly winks at dawn. Instead, Hindmarch enlisted the help of set designer Rachel Thomas and World Champion domino expert Robin Weijers to create a performance piece no one would forget.
It took eight domino builders (best job, ever?) five days to build a structure using 50,000 dominoes that would at the allotted time cascade in a continuous formation to release the handbags into the world. And they could only do it once. Check out the video to see what went down. We dare you not to smile as you watch.
Video: Courtesy of Anya Hindmarch

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