5 R29 Editors, 5 Cities, 5 Must-Have Bags

If there's any time in our lives when it's cool to have our roots showing, it's our hometown roots. Our editors are scattered across the globe, and the zip codes they represent not only manifest themselves in the content of their posts but also in their points of view, their personal styles, and — obviously — what's in their closets.
And, the exclusive Refinery29 for DKNY collaboration channels all the things we love about their cities — New York City, Washington D.C., Miami, London, and L.A. — into a super-chic, way-sharp collection of practical, versatile, trend-proof bags that'll fit seamlessly into your closet (no residency required!). Ahead, we asked the five editors who inspired each bag to tell us a little bit about what makes their home cities the best of the bunch.

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