10 Bridesmaid Dresses That Your Best Gals Can Wear Again (Promise!)

Here at R29, we’re all about keeping cost-per-wear down, even if that means trekking through the rain in our new Alexander Wang pumps. (We kid! Sort of!) And, while your wedding should be a complete reflection of your style, there’s no quicker way to invoke some serious side-eye than to outfit your bridesmaids in a dress that’ll find its way to the trash back of the closet right after the reception. That means puffy sleeves are out. Bummer.
There’s no reason your BFFs should look anything short of fabulous (without upstaging you, of course), so from a bohemian, floral maxi to an ultra-feminine, strapless mini, we rounded up 10 timeless dress options that your bridesmaids will wear on your big day and beyond. Talk about true wedded bliss!

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