Beauty Test Lab: A Spray-On Lotion Perfect For All You Lazy Girls

Maybe we're just total slackers, but we find the whole body lotion application thing a real drag. Standing around shivering in your bathroom, methodically rubbing in greasy lotions that take forever to absorb, waiting for them to dry so you can finally get dressed — we've got better things to spend our time on (such as hitting our snooze button).
That's why our inner lazy girls got downright gleeful when Vaseline shared its new spray-on(!) lotion with us — it promises to make moisturizing your skin a literal breeze. You simply spritz some on and quickly rub it in to hydrate your body with minimal time and effort — no massaging or pesky dry time required. It all sounded a tad too good to be true, so we asked our senior beauty editor — who has an admitted aversion to lotioning up — to give it a go. Find out what she thought of this clever new product, and if it was enough to make her a body lotion convert.
Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer, $7.69, available at Amazon.
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