The 8 Shows You Might Have Missed Last Week

Sure, it's wonderful to see the big-name designers show off their chops during Fashion Week, but when it really comes down to the nitty-gritty of what we love about fashion, it's at the more intimate presentations. Where else do you get to sidle up so close to the clothes that you can see the stitching, chat with the designer, and take as long as you need to digest what you're seeing?
It's in that vein that we bring you the best of the New York Fashion Week's smaller shows. Some of these names may not be new to the industry but they definitely debuted at this Fashion Week in one form or another. In all cases, they're beginning to embark on what looks like a long, fulfilling love affair with our pocketbooks.
Here is the ultimate cheat sheet on our favorite smaller scale collections that we have a feeling are all going to be making major splashes very, very soon.

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