Inside This Vintage Maven's Totally Modern Apartment

UPDATE: This story was originally published on February 20.
When we hear the words "designer vintage," something inside us perks right up. Suddenly, we're in that full-on tunnel-vision mode—the kind usually reserved for large cakes and sunny beaches. To get our fix, we like to turn to Jennifer Collins, the CEO of PinkClouds. Her well-curated e-commerce site sells expertly chosen vintage wares that still seem totally fresh—we're talking Lanvin maxi skirts, Givenchy jewelry, and Céline blouses, here.
So, we invited ourselves over to her Chelsea digs for some girl talk and got her shopping tips, interior-design pointers, and style-defining inspirations. Oh, and we showed ourselves around her super-luxe duplex/showroom, too. Think: moto jackets as wall art, Louis Vuitton luggage in the dining room, and a thrifted headboard fit for a queen. Sure, her business may be vintage, but we're calling this NYC CEO our new obsession.

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