Camouflage, Brains, & Electricity Take Centre Stage At Christopher Kane

There was a lot going on at Christopher Kane’s runway show this season. As there should've been. Ever since PPR took a 51% stake in the brand, the fashion house has had the enviable opportunity of taking their creative vision to the next level.
This was reflected in a 60-piece collection that ran the gamut, all the way from oversized outerwear to cocktail dresses. We'd seen some of these design motifs before — the burgundy, scalloped mini-dresses reminded us of his spring '09 collection — but others were box-fresh new. A camouflage print in bluebell, purple, and navy looked fantastic on a bomber jacket; cobalt-blue, textured party dresses seemed to fizz with electricity; and an image of a brain scan emblazoned across a satin minidress was thrilling.
Kane received a standing ovation from his front-row fans — Donatella Versace, Francois-Henri Pinault, and Salma Hayek — and there was a palpable buzz in the crowd as we left the building. The best really is yet to come, isn't it?

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