10 Cool S.F. Couples Show Off Their Totally Loveable Style!

A few famous crooners once told us that all we need is love — and on days like today, we have to agree. Yep, another Valentine's Day is here and whether you shout your sweetheart’s name from the rooftop, confess your undying love to a secret crush, or get lost in a sea of covers is, well, up to you. But, since we’re hardcore — and sometimes hopeless — romantics, we are pointing Cupid’s arrow (and our lens) at 10 of S.F.’s cutest couples.
We caught up with the perfectly matched twosomes to find out how they met and what they admire about each other’s style, and even get some intimate first-date deets. No matter if you’re single or spoken for, these pretty pairs will have you gushing and blushing in no time. Trust us, these are anything but cheesy love stories.
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Names: Terra Juana (left) and Sydney Rodriguez (right)
Gigs: UCSF student, and model and bartender
Hood: Duboce Triangle
Been Together: 10 months

On Terra: Shirt from Thrift Town, JoS. A. Bank pants, Target jacket, Chuck Taylor sneakers, and sunglasses from Multikulti. On Sydney: Dress and jacket from Buffalo Exchange and her mother’s jewelry.
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How They Met: At the Lexington Club, where Sydney was working.
First Date: Stern Grove

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What do you love about Sydney's style?
Terra: "Sydney rocks the '90s look but she takes it to another level and totally pulls it off."
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What do you love about Terra's style?
Sydney: "How versatile it is, she can switch it up all the time and it looks good."
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Names: Katie Sue Ambellan (left) and Greg Weissel (right)
Hoods: Hayes Valley and SoMa
Gigs: Senior account executive at a PR firm and sales at Chrome Bags
Been Together: 3 years
How They Met: Through mutual friends, and were friends first.

On Katie: Madewell sweater and jeans, vintage shirt, Muji jacket, Franco Sarto shoes, sunglasses from L.A. Fashion Mart, Urban Outfitters necklace, Hayes Valley street vendor earrings, and turquoise ring from New Mexico. On Greg: J.Crew shirt, Levi's jeans, and Chrome Industries shoes.
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What do you love about Katie's style?
Greg: “She always looks great and is prepared for whatever, jumping on the motorcycle or venturing out in nature.”
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What do you love about Greg's style?
Katie: “Greg is well put-together and wears tight pants. His style is good for our active lifestyle.”
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Names: Tan Nguyen (left) and Christine Tan (right)
Gigs: Attorney and visual merchandiser at Steven Alan
Hood: Upper Haight
Been Together: 6 years
How They Met: They were both DJs at their college radio station.

On Christine: Balenciaga jacket, Rag & Bone shirt, Steven Alan pants, and Hope boots. On Tan: Patrik Ervell cardigan, Band of Outsiders shirt, Mark Mcnairy boots, and APC jeans.
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What do you love about Christine's style?
Tan: “It is eclectic, classic, and it makes sense.”
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What do you love about Tan's style?
Christine: “I love his gramps style."
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Names: Lauren Goodman (left) and Amy Soderlind (right)
Gigs: Farmer at Dancing Turtle Farms and stylist
Hood: Sonoma
Been Together: 10 years
How They Met: They went to elementary school together, were friends first, but were always kind of in love with each other.

On Lauren: Entire outfit from thrift store. On Amy: Rag & Bone jeans, shirt from Wasteland, vintage boots and belt, Free People sunglasses, and jewelry from Bali.
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What do you love about Lauren's style?
Amy: "He really doesn't care what he wears. It's a freeing thing to watch as a stylist. He's comfortable in whatever and always looks damn good."
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What do you love about Amy's style?
Lauren: "That it is completely in her mood, a representation of who she is in that moment — effortless."
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Names: Temi (left) and Tobi Adamolekun (right)
Hood: Potrero Hill
Gigs: Director of communications for Ne Temeas Group and architect
Been Together: 7 years
How They Met: Through friends on holiday in Nigeria.
First Date: They went out for Chinese.

On Temi: Old Navy skirt, ASOS shirt, jacket from Ambiance, Philippe Audibert and ASOS bracelets, Tiger Tem clutch, and Carrera sunglasses. On Tobi: H&M shirt, Atelier Olu jacket, Kooples jeans, and Pataugas boots.
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What do you love about Temi's style?
Tobi: "It's eclectic, always changing, stylish, and classy — but always interesting."
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What do you love about Tobi's style?
Temi: "It’s unexpected. He can pull off a lot — look at that jacket!"
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Names: Alanna Hale (left) and Arlo Jamrog (right)
Gigs: Photographer and web designer
Hood: Mission
Been together: 7 years
How they met: At an art opening at Mighty.
First date: Went out to eat at an unremarkable Asian restaurant, followed by a lot of walking and making out.

On Alanna: Madewell sweater, Citizen of Humanity jeans, Loeffler Randall shoes, vintage jacket, purse, and bracelet. On Arlo: Club Monaco shirt, Penny Stock blazer, Uniqlo pants, and Timberland shoes.
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What do you love about Arlo's style?
Alanna: "He always looks put together without looking like he's trying too hard."
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What do you love about Alanna's style?
Arlo: "She’s eclectic and borrows from all different styles — very confident and put together well."
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Names: Jun Ichiro Koyama (left) and Theresa Ma (right)
Hood: Tenderloin
Gigs: Graphic designer and student
Been together: 1 1/2 years
How They Met: They met at a coffee shop, but he waited three months before he pursued. He messaged her on Facebook, and then asked her out to dinner.
First Date: Shabu Shabu in the Inner Richmond. They walked home from there to the Tenderloin — a two-hour walk!

On Jun: ASOS collar shirt, Black Scale sweatshirt, Beauty & Youth pants, Diemme sneakers, and LVL hat. On Theresa: Forever 21 T-shirt, blazer, and shoes, and Les Folles jeans.
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What do you love about Jun's style?
Theresa: "Jun’s style is simple yet memorable. Mostly a neutral palette but with shapes and silhouettes that are always interesting."
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What do you love about Theresa's style?
Jun: "I love her hair, the middle part, the length, everything. I also love black and she wears a lot of it!"
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Names: Derek Fagerstrom (left) and Lauren Smith (right)
Gigs: Owners of The Curiosity Shoppe and creative directors of Pop-Up Magazine
Hood: Noe Valley
Been together: 19 years
How They Met: They were both students at UC Santa Cruz.
First Date: A movie, La Strada.

On Derek: Levi's pants, Unionmade shirt and jacket, Seal of the Sutro shoes, and handmade tie by his wife. On Lauren: Madewell jeans, Mill Mercantile sweater, Gap blazer, SFMOMA necklace by local artist Stephanie Syjuco, and Prada heels.
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What do you love about Derek's style?
Lauren: "We share the same style. We sometimes walk out wearing the same thing."
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What do you love about Lauren's style?
Derek: "I love that she always looks good but not like she’s trying, it’s very organic. She seems comfortable in her style and always looks beautiful."
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Names: Melo (left) and Cody Tabudlo (right)
Gigs: Commercial contractor and stay-at-home mom
Hood: Outer Richmond
Been Together: Married for 2 1/2 years
How They Met: She was managing a hair salon and he regularly came in for haircuts.

On Melo: Penfield vest, Paper Denim & Cloth shirt, Earnest Sewn pants, and Vans. On Cody: Proenza Schouler leather jacket, Christopher Kane shirt, J Brand jeans, Sam Edelman boots, and Alexander Wang bag.
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What do you love about Melo's style?
Cody: "He’s got a little skater edge. He’ll put something cute together and then rock Vans. A skateboard is his best accessory."
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What do you love about Cody's style?
Melo: "I love her use of prints."
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Names: Patrick Brown (left) and Molly DeCoudreaux (right)
Gigs: Producer/engineer at Different Fur Studios and photographer
Hood: Mission
Been Together: 3 years
How They Met: He picked her up at a bar.

On Patrick: Levi's button-down shirt, The Mountain T-shirt, Self Edge belt, Levi's pants, Timberland shoes, and Ray-Ban sunglasses. On Molly: Forever 21 shirt, Just USA jeans, Nine West shoes, earrings made by a friend, and Variance and Avon rings.
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What do you love about Patrick's style?
Molly: "I love how well his frame holds clothes. He can wear something ridiculous and not look goofy."
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What do you love about Molly's style?
Patrick: "She’s always well put together, but still interesting and eclectic."

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