Smarten Up Your Look With These Nerdy-Chic Specs (No Rx Necessary!)

As any unlucky elementary schooler knows, the mark of a true nerd is a pair of thick-rimmed eyeglasses. But, despite the years of teasing, we’re finally getting our revenge now that donning a pair of specs is on par with doubling up on rings or dyeing your strands a new hue — they’re just another way to revamp your look.
While, yes, a pair of stylish frames are the perfect low-key addition to a jeans-and-tee ensemble (even if you were blessed with 20/20 vision!), we especially love the way they make us look a tinge more brainy. So, whether you’re going for a timeless, Clark Kent-inspired look or you want to make a statement that’s all your own, flip through our fave nerdy-chic frames.
Photo: Courtesy of Madewell

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