Cheap Monday's Show Does Grunge As Imagined By Those Born After The '90s

With a hair and makeup look taken from the Grimes' School of Beauty and trends pulled from your high school yearbook, the Cheap Monday fall '13 collection was an amalgamation of new and old, weird and cool, real and imagined — like the collective understanding of the '90s from the Tumblr teens who were born after 2000.
The title of the show itself, "Artificial Grunge," attempts to argue that grunge was "the last 'real' youth movement" and mixes carefully haphazard thrift-shop layering with high-fashion touches (the neon Christopher Kane-esque lace and Balenciaga-style geek sweatshirts were particularly noteworthy). The standout was the denim, of course, with new colors and treatments (one was achieved after the jeans had been on a rooftop for two years).
Whether you actually lived with Nirvana on the stereo or just started thrifting for Pendleton flannels now, this is a collection that'll give you something to chew on. Look for the wares in stores this fall.
w Photo: Courtesy of Cheap Monday

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