Is This The Most Terrifying Spring '13 Ad We've Seen Yet?

Fashion campaigns can get a little bit repetitive sometimes. One season everyone's a cowboy; the next season there's an obsession with being underwater; and then it's all about high gloss, oiled-up robot ladies. But, every now and again, something really fantastic— and genuinely different — is thrown into the mix.
Seriously, if spring conjures up images of fluffy bunnies, Easter bonnets, sugary tones, and general warm fuzzies, you need to think again. McQ has released its spring '13 ad campaign in full, and the collection of David Sims shots are dark, twisted, and just a bit sinister. If there were any bunny rabbits involved, they were probably cooked up and baked in a pie somewhere off-camera.
Matthew Bell and Manon Leloup front the campaign and the clean, black-and-white shots bring Sarah Burton's sartorial genius to life via an S&M relationship set against a backdrop of erotic fantasy. We have to say that relative model newbie Manon does a sterling job at being utterly terrifying to the point of traumatising. We expect many more moments of greatness from this lady, in the very near future.
Sims is a regular collaborator with the fashion house, but this is a complete departure from the futuristic and ethereal photographs he took for, say, Alexander McQueen's autumn '12 campaign. It's a pleasure to see that the fashion house has continued to follow its sinister heritage with Sarah Burton at the helm. Click through to see the whole campaign — and let us know: Does it work for you?
Photo: Courtesy of McQ

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