Get In Touch The Old-Fashioned Way With These Stationery Cards

Let’s be serious: The last time you handwrote a letter was probably in the late '90s with a pastel-pink gel pen and some loose-leaf paper in the middle of bio class. We’re totally not judging you, but in a world where the only mailbox we check on the daily comes in electronic form, there’s nothing quite like getting a handwritten thank-you note (or, even more rare, a letter!) from a loved one.
Yes, it’s cheaper to write an email, but who wants their carefully brewed words to get lost in the ether? That’s why we rounded up 10 charming stationery sets to make your correspondence a whole lot more memorable. So, after you dig up your supply of stamps and get your penmanship in order, click through for our favorite fill-in-the-blank picks.

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