Plump It Up! One Way To Save Your Thinning Strands In A Pinch

We’re not afraid to admit it: Sometimes, we just want big, thick, full hair. But, most of us weren’t exactly blessed with a shiny mane down to there. Others are dealing with thinning hair— a not-so-welcome but very real issue for many women.
Despite all the blow-drying, teasing, dyeing, and other inordinate stress we put on our strands in the name of beauty, thinning isn’t the irrevocable dilemma it used to be. Sure, there are FDA-approved treatments such as minoxidil, but there's also Nioxin, with its line of cleansers, intensive scalp therapies, leave-in treatments, and most recently, DiaMax, which is formulated specifically to thicken hair.
It's not a drug, so none of Nioxin's products will increase hair growth in the long-term (bummer). Instead, the brand uses ingredients like white tea extract, peppermint oil and biotin in its Scalp Systems to help remove sebum buildup that can block the hair follicle, while DiaMax increases the diameter of hair, making it instantly thicker and fuller. The downside? Because the formula only improves the look of hair without additional growth, once you stop using the line, your strands' newfound density will wane over time.
Though Nioxin Celebrity Stylist Danielle Caputo recommends clients use the line in conjunction with in-salon scalp treatments, if you’re low on time, the brand’s website allows you to configure a custom at-home treatment system based on a few quick questions (like, is your hair chemically treated?). And, at $44, an entire thickening system will run you less than the price of a blowout.
We’ll admit we’re typically skeptical of miracle-promising hair products that add extra time to our morning routines, but if nothing else, we’re down for anything that’ll keep us from clogging the shower drain with clumps of broken hair. Would you consider upping your hair routine to get a temporarily fuller crown?
Nioxin Thinning Hair and Scalp Systems, $44, available at Nioxin.
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