Meet The Oakland Duo Behind Job & Boss In This Inspiring Video

We couldn't help but notice that a handful of our favorite East Bay boutiques are suddenly sprinkled with lovely, indigo-dyed clutches and scarves — prompting our textile-loving hearts to skip a slight beat. The gorgeous textures, vivid colors, and fine craftsmanship that oozes out of every piece piqued our interest instantly. We quickly discovered these darling little creations were courtesy of two gals in the Bay: Oakland design duo Job & Boss.
Since unearthing the label, we’ve been completely transfixed with all of its offerings and quite frankly, want to know how they do their dye-centric thing. Well, lucky for us, In the Make — a site dedicated to profiling stellar West Coast artists in their respective studios — stepped into the world of Job & Boss, and the results are ravishing. Dye-ing to see where the gals find their creative spark and produce their goods? Watch the vid for a mid-day inspiration session!
Video: Via In The Make

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