11 Sultry Shoes For That Tropical Getaway You're Planning (In Your Mind)

We really hope you're planning a tropical getaway this winter. Not just for your warmth and sanity's sake, but because — well, if you aren't, then you won't have anywhere to wear these 11 brilliant shoes by B Brian Atwood.
With their tropical-paradise colors, laser-cut suede as delicate as coral, and touches of raffia, these shoes couldn't scream "resort" more if they came with a miniature paper umbrella. From bubblegum-pink snakeskin flats to sexy booties in a bloom of bright colors, these shoes are just the thing to wear when you're soaking up the rays and feeling sorry for all us snowbound suckers back home.
Pull 'em on, kick back, drink something out of a coconut, and please — remember to tip your cabana boy well.

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