10 Stylish Ways To Rock Sequins During The Day

Okay, we know what you're thinking: Sequins? In the daytime? But, before you dismiss the idea as just a little too Las Vegas for your taste, we're here to change your mind. Sure, glitter before the sun goes down may seem daring, but tossing on some sparkle is the perfect way to stand out from the pantsuit-and-all-gray crowd. That's right, we're officially endorsing sequins at the office.
Since we would never leave you hanging when it comes to the shopping part of the equation, we picked out our 10 favorite pieces we think know you can rock all day and all night. Whether you want to ease your way in with an embellished sweater or go all out with blinged-out trousers, we've got what you need to spice up your (fashion) life. Just make sure to pack your shades — looking directly at this much awesomeness can't be good for your eyes.

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