3 Minutes In Heaven: Watch The Making Of Chanel's Spring Collection

Expand the video below, put on your headphones, hit play, and drink in the hypnotic sights behind Chanel's spring/summer '13 collection. See, it's not just the final works in Karl Lagerfeld's latest line of floral confections that's beautiful; watching the delicate craftsmanship that painstakingly created each garment is transfixing and gorgeous, as well. The stitching that goes on at the various maisons is something that, well, just has to be seen. Chanel has a history of putting out beautiful behind-the-scenes films, and this elegant one might just take the cake. Scored with a touch of Ravel, this three-minute vid may be the most relaxing, inspiring thing you see all weekend. Enjoy.
Video: Courtesy of Chanel

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