8 Wildly Hydrating Body Lotions To Soothe Dry, Cracked Skin

Save for an impromptu snowstorm, there’s nothing that puts a damper on a winter day quicker than some flaky, chapped skin. And, even though we’re crazy-vigilant about keeping our mugs in check with exfoliants, masks, and ultra-concentrated eye creams, sometimes our knees, elbows, and everything in between fall by the wayside. It’s time to get your gams in check.
Because dry, cracked skin is never a good look (even with those thick tights!), we culled our go-to shops for the best non-greasy, ultra-hydrating formulas to keep your skin nourished from neck to toe. And, with options spanning all budgets, there’s no excuse for skimping on the moisture. Click through for our top picks!

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