Oscar De La Renta's Spring '13 Ladies Lunch In Ball Gowns (Obvs)

Over the years of working in a fashion-oriented office (R29, ding, ding, ding!), we've grown quite familiar with the term "power lunch." It's in that precious 30 15-minute window — spent chugging a pre-packaged smoothie and trying to use chopsticks with one hand — that you really find your place of zen. Or, something like that. Which is why we so appreciate Oscar de la Renta's spring '13 campaign, chock full of the chicest ladies who lunch. Cuz, you know, lunching in ball gowns, updos, and perforated leather heels really ain't no thing when you're looking like Oscar models Liu Wen or Caroline Brasch Nielsen. And though we can't imagine taking a breather at a local coffee shop in these immaculate little numbers, we certainly can commiserate with the running-around-town-in-those-heels part. Guess that's what puts the power in the whole lunch thing, huh?
Click through for ODLR's spring '13 campaign and swoon — with or without food.
Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta.

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