Burnin' Up! 10 Candles That'll Melt The Stress Away

New year, new you, right? Now that you’ve spent a few hundred on a new gym membership, decided to only shop locally, and resolved to finally get your debt in check, we’re guessing your bank account isn’t poised to handle a tropical getaway, too.
But, just because a weeklong vacay isn’t exactly in the budget right now, doesn’t mean you can’t transport yourself to a relaxing oasis, right in the comfort of your own home. That’s why we rounded up 10 luxuriously chic candles that smell even better than they look. And, with scents like woody fig, summertime sea grass, and, our favorite, French bourbon, you’ll almost — almost! — forget that there’s a subzero wind chill outside.
So, after you place these around the apartment for a decidedly cozy feel, grab a good book, fill up the tub, and unwind. Your number one staycation essential, right this way.

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