Get It Together: 14 Stylish Desk Accessories

Tackling all of those dreaded January bills is no fun — especially when they're hidden in mounds of clutter. Make life easier: Before you even attempt to balance your checkbook, resolve to clean up your act…starting with your desk. And, to ensure that you don't retreat back to your messy ways, we've compiled 14 stylish accessories guaranteed to organize every pen, paper clip, and pile you've got.
From chalkboard-like boxes to a space-saving cup holder, these essentials are foolproof ways to spruce up any office. After everything is in its place, all you need to do is create a little ambience with a candle — and of course, add a picture frame. When all is said and done, we promise that not only will your desk be clean, but suddenly, doing work will be extremely satisfying.

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