Get Schooled On Twitter By A Pro — Here's What Henry Holland Taught Us

We love a designer who knows how to give good Tweet, and Manchester boy Henry Holland ranks right among the best. Boasting some 235,000-plus followers and dishing out bons mots like "Gays should never canoe together. Ever." and "Just booked my first Pilates class — next stop Kaballah," the designer is, naturally, our go-to for chatting about digital branding. And that's exactly what we did at this week's EDITD talk at Shoreditch House.
Making himself cosy on a green couch, Holland explained his popularity on Twitter to interviewer Lou Stoppard of SHOWstudio.
"I'm just naturally a massive oversharer," he told the audience. "If they don't like me, I keep rabbiting on at them."
Clearly, it's a philosophy that works. The "mad busy" Holland said it's easier to portray one's personality via sites like Twitter, which align with his brand's desire to be "open, inclusive, and something people want to buy into."
And, while he admits that "Twitter is just about talking loads of sh*t" and fielding the occasional "you deserve to die" tweet ("I'm quite lucky, I just get, like, one a month," the quiffed quipster joked), there's more involved than one might think.
Holland is careful to avoid simply promoting his wares and telling people to buy, buy, buy; he'd rather people be entertained by his tales of crying at the gym and getting stranded on the Eurostar (we are). And he's got some surprising advice for those who want to emulate his success as a fashion brand: Do a business degree so you can deal with things like payroll, points of sale, and branding. As for Holland, he spent a chunk of his the initial £500 investment he received from his mother on a pair of shoes.
These days, Agy's BFF is on a path of "constant evolution" as he develops his designs and seeks out collaborations that make sense for his brand identity. Though he says nothing has been signed that he can talk about, we can rule out one potential collaborator.
"There's no point in doing a collaboration with Chopard, because my customers don't wear diamonds," he said.
So, if we're all following Holland, who is he following? He's obsessed with the fake Twitter feeds for the Queen and Prince Charles, not to mention CollegeHumor's Nickelback parody of Instagram. That's our afternoon sorted.
Photo: Courtesy of EDITD

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