Stella McCartney Doesn't Want To Make Women Feel Crappy About Themselves

Though we're still slightly peeved at the French for stealing Acne away from us, there's no resisting the charms of Corsican export Garance Doré. The photographer/fashion illustrator/muse is back with a new episode of her Pardon My French web series, and this time she's getting our own Stella McCartney in on the action.
Sitting down for a chat ahead of the designer's pre-fall '13 presentation in New York City, the two fashionable females dish about the latest collection (inspired by her late mother Linda's uptown New York roots mixed with "that London girl I can't seem to get rid of") as well as McCartney's devotion to removing elitism from fashion.
"I want the brand to help people, not make them feel crappy about themselves," she says.
The intimate interview also touches on McCartney's animal-friendly ethics. Admitting that she used to call out to women wearing fur on the street, the recent OBE honoree says she's mellowed of late, though she has no intention of compromising her anti-leather stance with her own label.
Clad in a chic and simple black blazer with jeans, the Brit also opens up about juggling her brand with being a mother to four children, saying that riding horses in the country helps her unwind.
"I always joke, the first person to meet my baby was the DJ," she tells Doré of her working-mother lifestyle. "I think it's different for me probably because it's my brand as well so I can't just remove myself from it."
Watch below to see more of the girl talk, and keep your eyes peeled for cameos from Glenn Close and Kim Cattrall.
Photo: Courtesy of @StellaMcCartney; Video: Via YouTube

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