13 Cheap Dresses To Get You Through The Winter Blahs

We'll admit it: Sometimes, we're lazy girls. Come morning, we hit the snooze button one time too many, which makes it hard to browse our closets for the day's effortless-without-looking-like-it outfit. #lastminuteproblems
Enter: the dress, our go-to, one-stop wardrobe staple that we can rock during the day—or play up with accessories and a killer pair of heels at night. It's truly the ultimate transitional piece, and we're all about having a healthy collection of frocks at our disposal.
So, to help amp up your own dress game, we've rounded up some affordable-yet-stylish pieces that will work for you 'round the clock. And, since these finds are all under $100, you won't have to worry about breaking the bank. Click through to get in the shopping groove, and feel free to scoop up two, three, or…all 15.

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