Holy Paisley! Maggy Frances Is Having A Sample Sale

Being called "trendy" can be both a compliment and a curse. However, there's nothing trendy about equestrian-wear-inspired label Maggy Frances — the collection reps time-honored silhouettes — skater dresses, blazers, silk blouses, and more — in a myriad of colorful prints (each bequeathed with a familiar female moniker like "June" for polka dots or "Michelle" for plaid). Plus, these swankified threads are all made right here in NYC, with meticulous attention paid to the fit of each item.
Now, the classically-chic label is marking down its scrupulously-tailored items by 40 to 50% for the Fall/Holiday sale, so posh ladies everywhere can celebrate! Score a jewel-toned sweater or a gorgeously printed pair of hot pants (or both!) to wear forever, because Frances' range never gets old.
When: Wednesday, January 23 to Saturday, January 26, from noon to 6 p.m.
Where: 41 Union Square West (at 17th Street); no phone.
Photo: Courtesy of Maggy Frances

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