Pamela Love's First-Ever Fashion Film Is A Drug Flashback Worth Remembering

Featuring Crystal Renn and directed by Skye Parrott, Pamela Love's first-ever fashion film takes us on quite the trip. Shot in upstate New York, the film features Renn "transformed into a forest goddess and finds Love's designs hidden amongst the trees, in the grass, and dangling from the branches." But, judging from all that raised arm spinning, face touching, and bonfire circling, you might as well call it a flashback to a magical acid trip that went really, really right.
The film presents Love's beautiful spring '13 Maia collection in its rightful home; inspired by Roman mythology and the hunter goddess Diana, the collection draws upon the flora and fauna that the video is embedded in. Eagle-eyed readers — watch out for Pamela herself when she and her telltale tattoos makes a cameo appearance. Check out the flick, below.

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