Jenna Lyons: I Grew Up Not Feeling Part Of The Group. I Hate That Feeling

Why are we obsessed with Jenna Lyons? There might be more reasons than the many variations of the Cafe Capri. It's her magpie style, her odd-duck quirk, and her commitment to pink toenail polish (by way of nurturing positive, personal growth — including, quite publicly last year, in her own love life). The NYT ran a personal interview with Jenna yesterday that better helped us delineate all the reasons why her style philosophy has resonated so deeply with women around the world. In a sentence: "Ms. Lyons is surprisingly unconcerned about how she is seen and depicted. She takes chances with different looks (though almost everything she wears is from J. Crew). She has fun getting dressed. She makes mistakes and laughs at herself."
And when it comes to J. Crew's DNA, a lot of the things we love about it — it's timeless-but-modern, unobtrusive-but-special, accessible-but-aspirational — stem out of a common teenage insecurity that we've all felt before. "I think that [brandless clothing] has more integrity than something that makes you feel like, if you don't look a certain way, you cannot be part of it. I don't appreciate that. I grew up not feeling like part of the group, and I hate that feeling, and hate making anyone feel that way."
Read the rest of the interview on The NYT to learn more about Jenna's current relationships, her recent Glamour Woman of the Year award, and her self-prescribed outsider status.
Photo: Courtesy of NYT

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