15 Under-$100 Jeans That Your Lower-Half Will Wholly Heart!

We're not going to argue with the need for dream-ticket denim — especially since our SoCal home is the reigning blue-jean baby queen of the States. But, once a girl has her tush covered with a few solid, splurge-worthy staples, we think it's only right that she save her cash for other fun stuff (hello, crazy blazers and killer heels!).
Luckily, for those of you who will never say buh-bye to shopping the latest inky trends, we've found 15 denim bargains that won't cause an account overdraft. We're talking super-fly pairs that all cost less than a Benjamin. Ready to start saving? Check out our wallet-friendly finds here (starting as low as $25), and don't worry, your thrifty secret is totally safe with us.

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