Sci-Fi! Bra Tops! A Glass Of Milk! This Pre-Fall Collection Has It ALL

Are you flaking on your New Year's resolutions? Has the gym fallen off your radar while chocolate miraculously reappeared? Not to worry. J.W. Anderson has helpfully provided some motivational material in the form of his pre-fall '13 lookbook. Put it this way: Until now, we've never properly appreciated just how much our wardrobes have been screaming out for white-leather bra tops.
True to the designer's aesthetic, this is a strictly two- and three-piece affair, with not a single frock to be seen. Leggy looks with tailored shorts (we're talking short shorts) and gladiator skirts are the order of the day. There's a little bit of sci-fi '60s in there, but for a man who is anything aside from straight-forward, his mix of baggy pinstripes and super-sleek tailoring works.
Oh, and the scarf-turban hybrids are somewhere between Elsa Schiaparelli and Peter Pan's Smee, which we figure is a pretty good place to be.
For those who are finding thigh-scraping skirts and midriffs a little hard to get your head around given the blizzards outside, pay close attention to the frilly boots. Like a pimped-out riding boot with attitude, these are the perfect accessory for trudging around in the recent weather we've been having. Shame we have to wait a few months before they hit stores.
Have a look-see at our slideshow. And if someone can explain the strategically-placed glass of milk, you'll have our eternal respect and gratitude.
Photos courtesy of J.W. Anderson

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