4 Healthy And Tasty Smoothies To Make Now!

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on January 4.]
Truth be told, we're only a few days into 2013 and we're already struggling to stick to all those healthy-eating ambitions. Sure, chowing down loads of vitamin-packed fruits and veggies might be good for us, but it ain't always easy. Preparing them properly takes time, and even then, sometimes they don't taste as good as their less-wholesome alternatives. But, don't start reaching for the cookies just yet. There is one tried-and-true (and pretty delicious) way to consume good-for-you foods in no time — in liquid form, of course.
To prove it, we enlisted Phoebe Schilla of the Studio of Good Living — a local culinary wellness group dedicated to teaching simple, flavorful recipes — to verse us in making four DIY smoothies that will knock your socks off with their flavor and health benefits. From creamy chocolate-banana concoctions to green blends of kale, avocado, and agave, here's a quartet of wow-worthy (and super-easy) drinks that require no more than the whirl of a blender. Bon appétit!

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