Erdem Pre-Fall Is Double-The-Models, Double-The-Prints Wonderful

Featuring prints so intricate and detailed they nearly look hand-painted onto the fabric, Erdem's pre-fall '13 collection has us all riled up. We're lusting after the long-sleeved dresses and charmed by the large-lapel coats with splashes of lace. As expected from a florals master, the designer has used solids sparingly, embracing the brighter-colored prints that coax us from summer to fall. And where solids do appear, the designer has color blocked the shades for results that are far from basic.
The most welcome surprise in the British label's collection is the experimental cutouts — we're talking cutouts that reveal delicate sheer fabrics and additional pops of color — that come together to make each piece unique and unexpected. Demure sleeveless dresses and sheer arms appear as well, making this collection one that offers a variety of coverage in a variety of options for an in-between season.
All in all, what strikes us most is Erdem's choice to use a pair of models in their latest lookbook. The two blondes leave us seeing double, and provide a rich visual emphasis of the duality of the collection: For every print, you can find its likeness in another dress length or style. Matchy-matchy enthusiasts and print-mixers alike will appreciate this pre-fall collection that we can't wait to try.
Photo: Courtesy of Erdem

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