Let It Snow! 11 Pairs Of Durable Boots Fit For A Wet, Slushy Winter

By now, you finally have your winter skin-care game down pat and the majority of your cold-weather wardrobe is complete. So, why are you still dragging your feet when it comes to picking up a pair of snow boots?
We know — it’s easier to throw on those bulky, rubber-plastic hybrids you’ve been wearing since ’07 than look for a pair of durable snow boots that won’t leave your toes sopping wet. But, now that we did the scouring for you, you’re out of excuses. After searching high and low, we weeded out the all-weather impersonators and found 11 pairs of ultra-chic, sleet-enduring snow boots that you won’t even want to change out of once you’re done battling four-foot-tall snowdrifts. We just can’t say the same for your car.

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