A Toast To 13 Fabulous Dining Spots of 2012

At Refinery29, we like to eat — and we like to eat well. And, it’s not a difficult task living in a city like Chicago. We’d be willing to stake our Kirkwoods that the dining scene in the Windy City rivals anywhere in the world. Our chefs have become household names (Rick Bayless, anyone?), our restaurants have attracted many a famous face (including a president!), and our portion-sizes are the stuff of which dreams are made.
That said, 2012 was a huge year for Chicago foodies — with fab new joints popping up at warp speed. It would have been nearly impossible to try them all, but we’ve narrowed down a list of the joints that really knocked our socks off. From the stunning decor at Nellcôte to the star-power surrounding RPM, it couldn't possibly get any better. Top these if you can, 2013! We’ll certainly enjoy tasting as you try.

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