Holiday Pups, Parking Meters, & More We're Buzzing About This Week

Looking for some holiday outfit inspo that's a cut above the rest? Just in time to scoop up your last minute NYE ensemble, one of our favorite local bloggers is giving us the most festive video lookbook, ever. (Miss Renaissance)
We love reading about Chicago ladies who are making it big, and this arts-n'-crafter made it all the way to Martha Stewart Living. Check out her awesome quilts, and find out how you can nab some for yourself. (Chicago Home Mag)
Is there anything better than pictures of pups? Try pups dressed in costume...and Christmas-themed, to boot. This slideshow is enough to have us running to the nearest shelter. (RedEye)
If you ever find yourself debating whether you should hop on the El or hop into your car, you might want to consider this...Chitown is the not-so-proud holder of the nation's most expensive parking fees. Suddenly that Red line seat is looking a lot more desirable. (Chicagoist)
If you're already missing the Christmas spirit, cozy up to these adorable (and festive!) snaps of the Windy City during the best of times. (Sequins & Stripes)
Photos: Via RedEye, Chicago Home Mag

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