6 Hangover Cures To Bookmark Before New Year's Eve

Is it weird we've already started the New Year's Eve countdown? Yes, despite the pricey club admission, the potentially slurred words, and inevitable inability to find a cab, there's something extra-special about nights like tonight. It's the promise of renewal, time spent with friends, and — oh, hell yeah — the abundance of Champagne. The only problem is, after every big night, there's an even more massive migraine waiting to say good morning. But, you know we have your back.
So, we've rounded up a few hangover cures from around the world, and obviously, right here in NYC. From the classic bloody mary (lil' hair of the dog never hurt anyone, right?) to Mongolian pickled sheep eyes, we've got the remedies that are just as familiar and exotic as the libations you consumed the evening before (what was that weird blue cocktail with the absinthe called, anyways?). Bookmark this now, enjoy tonight, and bring on the morning-after pain, cuz you've got the cures to start 2013 off right — you know it's so worth it.

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