The Perfect Winter Snap From Paris, With Love

As you huddle and cuddle with family and friends today, you might feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy. But the moment you step outside, things start to feel a bit less cozy. So, to help alleviate the chill, the shutterbugs over at Easy Fashion Paris have brought us the perfect winter ensemble that warms us all over. This one's so good, we feel it in our fingers and feel it in our toes (and yes, we did watch Love Actually this week if you must know).
In a wide-lapel coat and a thick-as-can-be scarf, Tehani stays chic, not chilly, in mixed jewel tones. With a regal plum-colored coat and royal-blue topper, her outfit is another example of that strain of effortlessly lovely French style that will work in any city across the globe.
The trick here is to keep shapes clean and un-fussy and add a few interesting details (bold colors and texture). The icing on the cake? Her simple swipe of pink-ish red lip color. C'est magnifique, non?

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