Our Gift To You: 8 Snaps Of Angelenos Doing Winter Right

While the forecast for our East Coast counterparts calls for a wintry mix, and the folks up in Chi-town are dealing with loads of wind (what else is new?), we Angelenos have our own breed of winter weather to combat. Of course, palm trees are still more common than pines, but it's finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas around these parts, thanks to this wacky weather. Between the random rain drops and varying temps, L.A. residents are learning how to layer for anything Mother Nature throws their way.
So, we hit the streets to see just how our neighbors are dressing these days. And, from the looks of it, it seems like these eight style stars tossed their storage locker keys, and combined their summer and winter wardrobes. From wide-brim hats to booties, the ladies (and gents!) of Tinseltown know a thing or two about accessorizing. And, although those jackets and coats have a short shelf life in Lala, we love the fact that these Angelenos broke 'em out for a hot minute.
See what we mean by clicking through, and get ready to mix and match like never before. Just no flip-flops with parkas — that's too confusing!

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