Behold, 11 'Brollies To Brighten Up This Very Soggy Winter

Wet Wet Wet — long-forgotten band or basically every day this past week? We Londoners are no strangers to gray skies and raindrops, but our recent soggy streak has us wondering just what we did to piss off Mother Nature so badly.
Of course, we can't complain too much. This dismal holiday weather gives us an opportunity to break out our trendy trenches, not to mention some 'brollies that — gasp! — might actually brighten our day, thanks to their playful prints, designer pedigrees, and, in one case, a colour-changing technology that activates when wet. (In other words, all the bloody time.)
Click through to see 11 unique umbrellas — produced by brands ranging from the high street to that arbiter of rainy day chic, Burberry — that bring new meaning to the term "silver lining."

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