Who Knew? These Political Figures Love To Talk AND Write

We all know what can happen when family chitchat turns political: There's always that one relative who wants to gripe about what's happening on the Hill, and no matter where your loyalties lie, things can get ugly, quick.
So, here's a little conversation-diverter to keep in your back pocket as you sit down to a holiday meal. It turns out plenty of famous pols have penned novels lately — with varying levels of success.
For instance, California Senator Barbara Boxer's latest Blind Trust features a rather…Boxer-esque heroine who stands up to a civil-liberties-hating conservative veep in a plot that Publisher's Weekly called "agreeably told if far-fetched." Former house speaker and 2012 presidential aspirant Newt Gingrich is a prolific wordsmith, with an entire series of historical fiction novels to his credit, including the November release, Victory at Yorktown, and last year's The Battle of the Crater, about a lesser-known Civil War battle.
And now you have a perfect segue to more comfortable conversation topics — like your favorite books of the year. (Just don't bring up Fifty Shades of Grey in front of Grandma — we can't help you there.) (Washingtonian)
Photos: Courtesy of Forge Books; Chronicle Books; Thomas Dunne Books

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