Uniqlo's Spring Basics Aren't Basic At All

No structure can stand on a faulty foundation, and when it comes to a smart wardrobe, that means building from the ground up with well-made basics. Naturally, Uniqlo comes to mind as a consistent supply of crisp white tees and layering tanks. But, boy, does its spring '13 collection throw us for a loop. Where basics can tend to be a bit Plain Jane (and admittedly, sometimes a snoozefest), Uniqlo packs a print-filled punch.
In options for ladies and gentlemen, the pieces in the collection are not too far from what we expect. Relaxed-fit T-shirts, skinny jeans, denim jackets, and collared tops are in generous supply. And just in time for the return of warm, sunny rays, Uniqlo also introduces tons of sherbet-flavored pastels, striped neutrals, beloved cartoon characters, and, most seasonally appropriate, florals. Compiled together into one lookbook, Uniqlo spring '13 is not just a collection of must-have pieces. It's also an easy-to-replicate how-to on mixing and matching even the most no-brainer basics into an inspired ensemble.
Go ahead. Jump into the slides for all the essential building blocks of your new spring wardrobe.
Photo: Courtesy of Uniqlo

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