Count Down To The Apocalypse (Or 2013) With These 20 Wow-Worthy Tickers

We're going to go ahead and admit that we haven't quite wrapped our brains around the whole hieroglyphic Mayan calendar thing. All we know is that come Friday night, for the first time in 25,625 years, our galactic latitude will align with the center of the Milky Way. Whether that means we'll be hurled into some Spielberg-style abyss, heaven shall open its gates, or the boogeyman will swallow us whole, well, we don't know. Sorry, we just didn't do our homework on the subject! That's because we'd prefer to keep it positive and look forward to the glad tidings 2013 is sure to bring (A raise? A Gosling doppelganger? An invention to alleviate the need for dry cleaning?).
Regardless of whether Father Time ticks on, you've got to eyeball the hours now more than ever for either the sake of checking everything off your bucket list or just the 'ol holiday list! And, even if the world was ending, we'd never have you bedecked in anything but ravishing wrist-candy. In the spirit of being vigilant and on-trend, we've curated a selection of timekeepers you'll want to wear 'til infinity (or Friday at 3:11 a.m., PST, whichever comes first).

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